CoolBox Features-1

Honeycomb Cooling Pad

Each CoolBox comes standard with Honeycomb cooling pad. The honeycomb design offers a large surface area for efficient evaporation , ensuring that the air passing through it is thoroughly cooled before being circulated into the living space.The honeycomb cooling pad is instrumental in transforming hot, dry air into cool, humidified air, creating a comfortable indoor or outdoor environment. 

Automatic Swing Louvers

All of the CoolBox models have a automatic swing function. The automatic swing louvers offer you the precise control to direct the refreshing breeze exactly where you desire.

Automatic Water Shutoff

To enhance user convenience, select CoolBox models are equipped with an automatic water shutoff feature. This ensures that you won't inadvertently waste water while filling your model with the hose, allowing for effortless and efficient operation.

Automatic Water Pump Shutoff

Select units are constructed with an automatic water pump shut off mechanism. When the water level in the water tank gets low the water pump will turn off automatically, this will ensure that your pump does not burn out prematurely.

Anion Ionizer

This function is to enhance the cleanliness of the air you breathe by causing potentially harmful airborne particles to adhere easily to floors and walls, simplifying the cleaning process.With the anion ionizer on, the transmission of airborne particles from one person to another is notably reduced, ensuring a healthier environment in shared spaces.

Durable Wheels

The durable wheels enable you to move your CoolBox model effortlessly to any desired location, and once in place, they can be securely locked to maintain the airflow exactly where you prefer it.