SunSpotXL H1600


The Heat-A-Zone SunSpotXL is an electric heater designed for expansive spaces, boasting a heating range of up to 15 feet. Tailored for industrial applications, particularly warehouses, this heater offers a powerful solution for effective climate control. Operating on 220V and delivering 7200W of power, the SunSpotXL is engineered for substantial heat output. It is imperative to note that professional installation by a qualified electrician is required. This precaution is necessitated by the heaters unique wiring configuration, which integrates with a light switch for operational control. For optimal performance and safety adherence, it is strongly recommended to enlist the expertise of a certified electrician during the installation process. The SunSpotXL stand as an efficient and reliable heating solution for large, open environments, ensuring a comfortable and controlled thermal environment.

 Heat Range 9-15 Feet
Electrical 220V - 7200W
Dimensions 10 x 4 x 50 Inches
Weight 16 Pounds
Color Black
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